“Good night, and good luck”

In a move that should surprise nobody, this blog will be going dark, effective a few seconds after this post goes live.  Though it has been a fun ride, it isn’t receiving the attention it deserves.

NaNo 2016 took a lot out of me, including the joy of story telling.  As such, I have put down the (figurative) pen.  Since I am not writing, a writing blog (that isn’t getting updated) doesn’t make much sense.

I’ve also eliminated the J. Andrew Jansen facebook page.  (Friends list wiped clean, account deactivated, password changed to a 30 character random string which was immediately deleted.  It’s never coming back.)

For the sake of sanity, I will be doing the same to my primary Facebook page in the near future as well.  Reading facebook has becoming the equivalent of reading YouTube comments, in that I never feel *better* about humanity after doing so.

For any interested, I will be posting more general life activities on a new blog:  www.joejansen.info  I have no illusions nor expectations of anyone following  me to the new site.

It was fun while it lasted, and for those that carry on the weaving of wonder that is story telling, I wish only the best.


Pure Humanity Prejudice

In the future (according to “Into the Grid”),  a new form of prejudice has appeared.  In this case, it is those who are “pure” human, vs. those that have cybernetic body parts.  In this excerpt from chapter 1, we see Connor, an  investigative reporter, talking with Trevor at a diner.  The waitress has an artificial arm, and she hasn’t been able to afford to see a bio-mechanic.

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