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World Building: Trading

So I’m trying to do some world building on my new story.  I’m working on the “international trade”  part currently.  I have developed a list of items that can be considered “exports”.  Here’s where y’all come in:  Look over the list and tell me what I might be missing.  The world has dwarves in the mountains, elves in the forests, nomadic trolls living in a desert, and human kingdoms wrapped around a large sea, open to the ocean on one end.  Let me know what you think. Continue reading World Building: Trading

Is this thing on?

Just a quick check…

My blog traffic on the last few posts is zero.  I know that there a few email subscribers, and the stats there are a bit more promising in that they show 3 people accessing my latest post.

With an eye toward optimizing my time usage, Id like to ask a favor of anyone reading these posts.  could you either pop by the blog and leave a comment, or shoot an email to me ( just to confirm that there is someone looking at these?

If so, I will continue.  If not, I will put my energy elsewhere.