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The Wreck

I’m sure everyone can figure out where this came from.  Nonetheless, it dumped itself out of my fingertips, so here it is.  It’s weird.  I can almost hear these two if I close my eyes and listen…

– – – – –

I wanted my gum, dammit.

“Suze. Where’d you put that pack of gum?” I jammed a finger in the cubby hole under the ash tray in the dash, probing for a stick of artificial cinnamon flavor.

“Watch where you’re going,” she nagged. She kicked at the debris around her feet. “It’s here somewhere.”

“Well then find it. Dammit, I told you to clean out your car before we left.” I leaned over, a glimpse of red wrapping peered through the empty coke bottles and McBurger wrappers on the floor. “There. What’s that by your —”

“David,” she screamed. “Look out!”

I jerked my head up. Headlights in my lane. I yanked the wheel. Both feet stomped the brakes. Metal screamed and glass shattered. My steering wheel exploded.
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