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Dragon*Con Remnants

Once my lovely wife gets her pictures uploaded, I’ll make a public Picasa album and share them.

I’m prepping for next year already. I’m making a “Death” costume. I’m chronicling the build at my other website:

I already have reservations at a hotel for next year. Deciding who we’re buying tickets for is ongoing. I am sure all 5 of us will be going again, but I’m not sure which kids to buy for, and which to ‘let’ buy their own.

Excited, exhausted, and happy as I can be. D*C 2012 is in the bag.


I’m so excited…

Tomorrow we leave for Dragon*Con.  I can’t wait.  Hotel room is confirmed, kids have their costumes picked out and ready, tickets are all set, all that’s left is to go.

I’ve decided that I will blog from D*C (probably from the hotel at night) so that everyone that isn’t there can be jealous of me!  LOL.  Watch for pictures and stories of all the fun.

Four days of nerd-tastic fun.  What’s not to love?


Cough… Cough…

Clearing the dust away from my poor, neglected blog.  There’s a few random footprints here, but I think they might either be a squirrel, or a fluff-skitter.  (Hey, references to things in the story will always be here.  I am unapologetic.)

What prompted a new post?  I tried to upgrade WordPress and it trashed the entire blog.  After an hour of frantic reinstalling, error message searching, and general rebuilding, I think I got most of it back.  I am only aware of 1 image that didn’t make it back yet.  I’m working on it though, I promise.

I haven’t really come up with any good ideas for a new series of posts.  Maybe I will talk about the editing process I’m going through and the conversion from third person to first person.

Thanks to everyone who stops by and reads this.  I know I have neglected y’all for a while.  I shall strive to correct that.



10:00 am.  The parade is about to start.  I’m passing the time by trying to figure out a costume for next year.

Parade was great. Lots of cool costumes. 2 hours to Terry Brooks!

*** waiting in line @ Terry Brooks!

*** got it! My visit is complete! Now to the WoW costume contest, then the Dr. Who screening.

*** costume contest was full 🙁 waiting in line to see Sylvester McCoy. Then the screening.

***  The line for the screening was WAY TOO long.  we’d have never gotten in.  Drove home and recovered.

Had a blast.  My oldest daughter didn’t come with, but my younger son did.  I learned a lot about how the con world works, and how to get the most of it.  I am definitely going back for all four days next year, and will do my best to get a hotel room on site.  It is so completely worth it.

I will try to get a page put up for some pictures.  I know I promised  that after my hiking trip too, so don’t hold your breath.  I will make more of an effort this time though, I promise.