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World Building: Trading

So I’m trying to do some world building on my new story.  I’m working on the “international trade”  part currently.  I have developed a list of items that can be considered “exports”.  Here’s where y’all come in:  Look over the list and tell me what I might be missing.  The world has dwarves in the mountains, elves in the forests, nomadic trolls living in a desert, and human kingdoms wrapped around a large sea, open to the ocean on one end.  Let me know what you think. Continue reading World Building: Trading

New host and new post! (Also Elfling Chapter 1)

Clever title, no?

Anyway, I’m all settled in at the new host.  The address has changed to  I dropped the /blog/ bit for ease of use.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let’s get to the new story.  I’ve begun work on a story world that will hopefully play host to several books.  One of the features of the world is elves, and their childhood.  This started on a whim in a discussion a couple years ago now that questioned why, in stories like Lord of the Rings or other elf-featuring tales, you never see elven children.

The answer, obviously, is that they are born as larva and pupate.  I’m finally putting the finishing touches on this theory and am therefore ready to share it with all two of my readers!  Right now I expect 4 installments, but it may stretch to 5.

Follow along through the break to get started on Elfling, Chapter 1! Continue reading New host and new post! (Also Elfling Chapter 1)