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Pure Humanity Prejudice

In the future (according to “Into the Grid”),  a new form of prejudice has appeared.  In this case, it is those who are “pure” human, vs. those that have cybernetic body parts.  In this excerpt from chapter 1, we see Connor, an  investigative reporter, talking with Trevor at a diner.  The waitress has an artificial arm, and she hasn’t been able to afford to see a bio-mechanic.

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Opening Scene

“I was younger then, when it started.  And a fool.”  Trevor stared across the restaurant at nothing in particular.  “I guess I’m older now.”

Connor frowned, his eyebrows dancing up across his forehead but he didn’t reply.  He sipped at the overheated cup of stim-caf, his tongue objecting to both the heat and the bitterness of the artificial beverage.

Trevor caught the expression.  “I’m older than I look,” he said simply.

That’s it for now.  Considering it a head start for NaNo.  What do you think?  If this was the start of the book, would you turn the page and keep reading?