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More stories from the world of Velyrim

How many of you knew that was the name of the world Mirian lived in?  Yeah, I didn’t make a big push to get that out.  Nonetheless, here is another story from that world.

*EDIT*  I’d like to find somewhere I can post this, for free, to raise exposure for my book.  If anyone has any suggestions, leave them in the comments please!

I’ve noticed that my bit on Sarintha only got 3 views.  You should go read it.  It’s cool.  Here’s another story:

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Young Jerok goes hunting…

Jerok crouched behind the bushes, mouth open so his breathing made no sound. The warm air in the forest felt thick with moisture. He shifted the knife he held to his left hand so he could wipe the sweat from his palm. Switching it back, he opened and closed his fingers several times, perfecting his grip. Turning his head to the left, he looked up at his father.

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