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Opening Scene

“I was younger then, when it started.  And a fool.”  Trevor stared across the restaurant at nothing in particular.  “I guess I’m older now.”

Connor frowned, his eyebrows dancing up across his forehead but he didn’t reply.  He sipped at the overheated cup of stim-caf, his tongue objecting to both the heat and the bitterness of the artificial beverage.

Trevor caught the expression.  “I’m older than I look,” he said simply.

That’s it for now.  Considering it a head start for NaNo.  What do you think?  If this was the start of the book, would you turn the page and keep reading?


Site updates are incoming

So over the years of writing the book, I created some back story that I posted here.  Now that the dust has settled so to speak, there is content on here that is not technically canon.  Over the next few days or weeks, I will be adjusting back stories and gathering them together with the character interviews into one place for easy access.

Stick around, it’s turning into a fun ride.


Character interviews – Llaewyn

The dialog in Chapter 5 came out horribly.  I was so busy trying to be clever that I completely failed at making it realistic.  The conversation wanders all over the place, nobody gets to the point, and a couple of key revelations don’t even get made.


Because of this, I decided it was time to sit down with Llaewyn and have a little heart to heart chat with him.  That is, as much as a human can have with a stuck up elf.


Warning:  If you are still waiting to read chapter 5 (but didn’t already read the first draft), you might want to wait.  Basically, if you don’t know who or what Llaewyn is, and want to find out the long way, skip the rest of this post.


Otherwise, read on for how it went.


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Going too far…

Well, Chapter two is winding up in the public queue and the feedback seems to be fairly unanimous.  I have a couple people to send my follow up question to, but I am confident of the answer anyway.  Maybe they can just answer here…

In the middle of the chapter, end of scene three, I made a pretty big change to the events.  At first, I felt I was selling out on what I thought had  to happen.  When I rewrote the section, it felt like a ‘Greedo shot first’ moment.  I was wrong.

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Interview with a thief…

I am having WAY too much fun with the character interviews.  This little tidbit takes place after chapter 6.  There aren’t any real big spoilers in it, but I do reference stuff that happens in both chapters 5 and 6 so if you are reading and haven’t gotten that far, some of this may not make sense.  (actually,the ending references something in chapter 7, which hasn’t even been posted yet.  Not a huge thing though.)  On that note, let’s talk to Jerok.

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In preparation for the official rewrite of my novel, I needed to create the back story for Sarintha.  This is similar to what I have done for Mirian and Jerok.  It is not a refined piece of literature.  Once again, it is mostly a tool for me to know what has brought her to this point in her life.  All of it occurs prior to the events of the story.  Like much of the rest, I felt an urge to share, so here it is.


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