Interview with a thief…

I am having WAY too much fun with the character interviews.  This little tidbit takes place after chapter 6.  There aren’t any real big spoilers in it, but I do reference stuff that happens in both chapters 5 and 6 so if you are reading and haven’t gotten that far, some of this may not make sense.  (actually,the ending references something in chapter 7, which hasn’t even been posted yet.  Not a huge thing though.)  On that note, let’s talk to Jerok.

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Character Interview, Part 2

So, now you’ve seen the crap version of Chapter 5 opening.  I should have mentioned that chapter 4 is where she meets Jerok after fleeing from a gang of murderous robbers.  She has accepted Jerok’s offer to accompany her to Trior.  What she doesn’t know is that Jerok is a thief  of sorts as well.  After originally planning on robbing her, when he found out she was a priestess traveling to the castle, he decided to tag along so he could swipe some goodies from there.

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