Going too far…

Well, Chapter two is winding up in the public queue and the feedback seems to be fairly unanimous.  I have a couple people to send my follow up question to, but I am confident of the answer anyway.  Maybe they can just answer here…

In the middle of the chapter, end of scene three, I made a pretty big change to the events.  At first, I felt I was selling out on what I thought had  to happen.  When I rewrote the section, it felt like a ‘Greedo shot first’ moment.  I was wrong.

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10:00 am.  The parade is about to start.  I’m passing the time by trying to figure out a costume for next year.

Parade was great. Lots of cool costumes. 2 hours to Terry Brooks!

*** waiting in line @ Terry Brooks!

*** got it! My visit is complete! Now to the WoW costume contest, then the Dr. Who screening.

*** costume contest was full 🙁 waiting in line to see Sylvester McCoy. Then the screening.

***  The line for the screening was WAY TOO long.  we’d have never gotten in.  Drove home and recovered.

Had a blast.  My oldest daughter didn’t come with, but my younger son did.  I learned a lot about how the con world works, and how to get the most of it.  I am definitely going back for all four days next year, and will do my best to get a hotel room on site.  It is so completely worth it.

I will try to get a page put up for some pictures.  I know I promised  that after my hiking trip too, so don’t hold your breath.  I will make more of an effort this time though, I promise.