Reverse editing?

Most of the writer friends that I hear from talk about how they need to cut 10,000 words (or whatever number) from their story to get it down to what they need. I find myself in the opposite position. Draft 1 clocked in at 80,000. Now I have an entire scene that I need to insert into the story, and am actually struggling to make the seams line up smoothly. I’ve decided that there needs to be a troll attack soon. IF not, the whole first part of the trip will be more of a casual stroll through the woods than the escape / flight that it is supposed to be.

How about you? Are you currently adding or subtracting from your story? How do you make the edges match up in either case?


Too much information?

I noticed that Botanist over at Views From the Bald Patch has signed on for the April A-Z blog challenge.

I’m thinking about doing the same thing as a method to get me back into the swing of blogging.  In order to have anything to write about though, I would probably be going deeper into various characters in my story.  For example, A would be for Aliyah, and would detail some of the religious practices of the races, how her magic works between the different races and so forth.  The question is:  Would giving detailed levels of information like that spoil the story for those that are reading through it as I edit?


Despite what “everyone” says, I have decided to include a prologue into my story.  It was originally written back when I was very green, so I did a major spruce-up before submitting it.

It is up for review / critique on CritiqueCircle right now, and I think it will be my submission for the live critique group next week.

Which reminds me!  If any of my two readers are in the Anderson area and interested in doing some writing and story critiquing, Carolyn and I are members of an awesome group of people that meet every other week at Panera bread.  Let me know if you are interested, and I can get you a spot.  We are a pretty small group right now, so we would love some more members.