Counting down…

It’s 9:30 pm (-ish) Saturday night. At this point, I have prepared six posts in advance. G is currently being drafted.  Each posted is scheduled to publish at 12:01 in the morning each day.

I’m hoping that the theme / style of posts is entertaining. I only wish the book had been released already so that more than 6 people would have read it!

Here’s to a fun April for everyone that’s participating. Thanks for playing along!

J. Andrew Jansen

I’m Famous!

Check this out!

Mysti Parker read through my guest post, but decided to post it anyway!

Since my blog might see more than it’s usual two visitors, let me say welcome and look around.  I hope y’all will come back in april to watch me blow through my prepared postings, and fall deeper and deeper in to frantically written, last minute postings by the end of the month.

It’ll be a blast!