Another Idea

So I was sitting on the couch yesterday when another story idea hit me.  Having learned my lesson from Llaewyn and the lack of sleep he inflicted on me for not writing his bit down, I captured this one right away.  It’s rough, and probably sucks, but this is what I had.  Realistically, this one page would probably span a couple chapters before I get to the “letter” at the bottom.

On a positive note, having another story idea means that I might *not* be faking it as a writer.  Right?

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Dragon*Con Remnants

Once my lovely wife gets her pictures uploaded, I’ll make a public Picasa album and share them.

I’m prepping for next year already. I’m making a “Death” costume. I’m chronicling the build at my other website:

I already have reservations at a hotel for next year. Deciding who we’re buying tickets for is ongoing. I am sure all 5 of us will be going again, but I’m not sure which kids to buy for, and which to ‘let’ buy their own.

Excited, exhausted, and happy as I can be. D*C 2012 is in the bag.