Serenya’s Song NEW COVER Reveal Party!

My friend and fellow writer Mysti Parker is hosting a party for her new cover art for her book.  Mysti has helped me quite a bit in refining TPtP into what it is today.  Her genre is fantasy romance, so you probably don’t want to let your twelve year old read it.  Still, the fantasy elements and world building that she has done is superb, and I recommend it highly.

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Site updates are incoming

So over the years of writing the book, I created some back story that I posted here.  Now that the dust has settled so to speak, there is content on here that is not technically canon.  Over the next few days or weeks, I will be adjusting back stories and gathering them together with the character interviews into one place for easy access.

Stick around, it’s turning into a fun ride.


Blog Name

As part of the idea of redesigning my blog, it is time I give it a proper name. Any ideas? I’m considering The Illyeamar Forest (as a reference to my book) but wonder if that is too specific.

Would love some suggestions, but I will need to run anything I like through google to make sure it isn’t taken already.