Opening Scene

“I was younger then, when it started.  And a fool.”  Trevor stared across the restaurant at nothing in particular.  “I guess I’m older now.”

Connor frowned, his eyebrows dancing up across his forehead but he didn’t reply.  He sipped at the overheated cup of stim-caf, his tongue objecting to both the heat and the bitterness of the artificial beverage.

Trevor caught the expression.  “I’m older than I look,” he said simply.

That’s it for now.  Considering it a head start for NaNo.  What do you think?  If this was the start of the book, would you turn the page and keep reading?


As per usual…

nano_15_poster_mainI have about 9000 things going on at once.  Thought I’d pop a quick update on here, since I’ve been so bad at that.

I got my NaNoWriMo poster today (That’s it to the right over there.)  I’m going to bring it with me to writing events, etc.  Hopefully draw some interest that way.

Still making initial contacts with artists about re-covering Priestess.  I can hear Mirian nit-picking, see Jerok shrugging, and I’m sure Llaewyn is ready to tell me I’m doing it wrong.  Ah, well.  If you can’t listen to the voices in your head, who can you listen too, right?

Also, tentative title for this years NaNo project is “Empire Falling”.  I’m not in love with it, so we’ll see.  Google turns up no previous uses of it though, so that’s good.

Finally, is it wrong that the second character I’ve thought up is already scheduled to die?  I even know how I’m going to do it.  The twisted mind of an author…