F is for Fantasy

If you’ve looked around this blog for any amount of time you may notice that my genre of choice is fantasy.  Specifically high fantasy, aka. epic fantasy.  Think elves, dwarves, strange worlds, magic, etc.

At my writers group meeting last night, one of our newer members confessed an unfamiliarity with the genre.  Specifically, he was asking about various aspects of world building a fantasy world vs. the “real” world.

My explanation to him was very off-the-cuff, so I’m open for suggestions and corrections.  Feel free to add your thoughts below.

My answer, specific to my world, is that technologically, economically, and politically it is similar to the medieval time period of earth.  The geography is unique, intelligent races are different than our world (elves, and whatnot), and woodland critters are a mix of “standard” and created, as are plants.

That was all I came up with last night.  What else would you suggest is unique to  fantasy worlds and what is the same as ours?