G is for Gods and Goddesses

Godesses?  Godessi?

So in my post yesterday I recounted a conversation regarding fantasy worlds.  I totally forgot Theology!

So Priestess is a dual-theistic world.  Thavatos and Aliyah, the god and goddess of the world, are semi-active in the goings-on in the world.  They are arguing between each other, which sets up the conditions for the story.

There are hints of previous deities in the world, though.  And by hints, I mean I think there is one line that I threw in.  in the “larger universe” ( Can I call it Mirian-more?  Ha Ha!  I’m hilarious!) of stories that are floating around this blog, I mention that if they lose their followers, they fade into oblivion.

There’s a challenge with theology, particularly with active deities.  It is similar to magic systems (which will probably be my ‘M’ post, just so you know).  Unlimited power makes for a boring story.  There has to be some sort of check and balance.  Either an opposing deity, some limit on power, something that prevents direct interaction, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

I am attracted to the idea that the strength of the god or goddess’s ability is directly related to their following.  Kind of like a politician.  They have to spend a bunch of time gaining followers (campaigning) or they fade away and nobody remembers them.  (Bob Dole?  Didn’t he used to sell bananas?)

There you go.  Gods, goddesses, and fantasy theology.  See y’all tomorrow!