Character Interview with Brighton and Lynarra

As some of you are aware, the best way I have to figure out my characters is through character interviews.  Basically, sitting down and having a conversation with them.  Toward that end, here is the first interview for the new story, Blood Bound.  Read it after the break!

Tonight I’m sitting down with Brighton and Lynarra.  I want to establish where they are and what they are doing prior to the start of the story.  I’m A, Brighton is B, and Lynarra is L.

A:  So, I have a lot of different ideas and questions running through my mind right now.  Why don’t we start with you, Brighton.  Tell me a bit about yourself.

B:  Well, I’m 20 years old, the older of the two of us, and I’ve been running the artifact shop since our Dad left just after I came of age four years ago.

A:  Where did he go?

B:  We aren’t sure.  He said he’d gotten a lead on something that would change our lives.  He’d be gone a bit longer than usual, but would be back as soon as he could.  I figured he meant a couple weeks.

A: and now it’s been four years.

B:  Yeah.

A:  How are things at the store going?

B:  Not good.  Dad kept things going by hunting down artifacts and antiques to sell.  He’d run off for a couple days and show up with some sort of treasure.  He always had a great story to go with it.  Once he told the story to people they would line up to buy it from him.  <sigh>.  I wish I could do that, but I can’t leave the store.

A:  Why not?

B:  Who would watch it?  Who would take care of Lynarra?

L:  I don’t need you to take care of me.  I’m practically of age already.

B:  Doesn’t matter.  My job is to keep you safe and keep the store going until dad gets back.

A:  But what do you sell?  If it’s been four years, who is keeping you stocked?

B:  <shakes his head>

L:  Nobody, really.  Vich sometimes finds something for us and we split it with him.  Nothing as good as what Dad would find though.

B:  That’s the problem.  There isn’t anyone to go get any of the good stuff.

L:  I could, if you–

B:  Not a chance.  You have no idea what could happen to you.

L:  I have the amulet and my potions.

B:  Your potions don’t ever do what you think they do.  And that magic amulet is completely unreliable.

L:  Only for you.  I never have any problem with it.  My potions don’t work right because you won’t let me leave town the neighborhood to get what I actually need.  I have to substitute so many ingredients that it’s no wonder they act up.

B:  Where would you even look?  You have no idea where to even go.

L:  If I could get out of here, I’d start looking for Dad.  Ask around, find people who might have seen him.  Things you should be doing.

B:  No.  Just no.  I couldn’t.  <he looks away, then back, eyes harder>  And I couldn’t let you, either.

L:  You could!  We could!  It’s what we should be–

B:  No!  Stop it, Lynarra.  Just stop.  Dad told me to keep you safe.  That’s the only thing I should be doing.

L:  <turns away and glares angrily at the wall>

A:  Ok.  We’ll maybe come back to that.  I wanted to ask about something you said a bit ago.  The magic amulet.  Lynarra, you said it worked for you, but not always for Brighton?

L:  <still looking unhappy>  not *EVER* for Brighton.

B:  Whatever.  I don’t even care.  I’ve got too much to worry about anyway without having to try to make magic happen too.

A:  So no magic?  Ever?  Doesn’t that affect how you handle new items at the store?  Could your dad make magical things work?

B:  He could.  It’s a thing, I guess.  I dunno.  I don’t worry about it.  I guess if I ever need to check something Lyn could come to the shop and look at it.  Never had to worry about it though.

A:  What kind of magic can you do, Lynarra?

L:  <shrug>.  Some things are magic.  Most aren’t.  If something is than I can activate it to do whatever it is made to do.  I have a protection amulet that can <turns toward Brighton> keep me safe.

B:  <ignores her>

A:  And your potions?  What are they?

B:  Useless and usually awful smelling.

L:  It’s something I experiment with.  If you know what the properties of different plants are, you can combine them to make things happen.  I just can’t get my hands on the right plants.  I try using things that are close, but it usually doesn’t work right.

A:  So, no offense Brighton, but Lynarra:  Why don’t you just go get what you need?  If Brighton is at the store and you’re at home, it’s not like he could stop you.

L:  I can’t.  I need to get meals ready.  I need to keep the house cleaned up.  I make do with what I can find at our local market by the house.  Besides, Brighton doesn’t want me to.  We have to stick together.  If we don’t stay together and help each other out, what do we have?

B:  And I wouldn’t be able to protect her and keep her safe if she went somewhere that I didn’t know about.  That’s the most important thing.  My job, as her brother, is to make sure she is safe and in her bed at the end of the day.  The store, the house, everything else is only to make that possible.  If she isn’t safe, then I’ve failed.

L:  <grins at Brighton>

A:  OK.  I think that wraps it up for now.  You should get some rest.  I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a big day for you.