Dragon Con 2015

DragonCon has come and gone…  Had fun as always until I got home.  The memory card in my phone has apparently died or something, because I don’t have any of my photos.  Super unhappiness.

Also almost saw a fight break out between two panelists.  That was fun.

This year I did a cosplay of Agent 47 from the Hitman series of games.  It was pretty cool, even without the guns.  I did have the garrote with me that I used as a prop during photos.  Next year I’m thinking of doing an observer from Fringe as well as an Uncle Fester from Adam’s Family.  Maybe I’ll finally finish my grim reaper, too.

Got to see Felicia Day at a panel (#SwitcherCruise.  It’s funny if you were there).  Also met her at the walk of fame.  She’s amazingly friendly and sweet, especially given how many people she has to talk to during these things.  I’d probably be ready to choke someone by the third day.

Also saw / met Tom Mison.  Amazing person.  Truly a great individual, plus he recognized my Agent 47 costume, so extra nerd-cred.

I got to meet an amazing artist by name of Angela Sasser.  Check out her work here. I am thinking about doing different cover art for Priestess, so I will be talking to her about that.

Finally, the writer’s track at dragon con needs some serious work.  I’ve been spending less and less time there each year because the info just doesn’t seem to  be useful.  There’s a lot of airy fluff, but none of the nuts and bolts info that I would like.  I suspect that I’m not alone.  This disconnect culminated when artist Don Maitz (I absolutely won’t link anything for him) was on the self publishing panel, and started shouting at one of the self-pubbed writers, Chris Jackson.  Chris was getting cover art from a friend, and the artist friend was giving him all the rights to the artwork for $600.  Maitz was livid about this, eventually devolving into name calling and accusing Chris of “stealing food from the mouths of his friends children.”  Super professional, and I hope they don’t ever invite Maitz back.  I will actively avoid anything he does.

Overall, a super fun weekend.  Wednesday is the new Thursday, so I already have my hotel reservations for next year, Wednesday the 31st the Monday the 5th.

See you there!