New Cover Art

I’ve been busy since Dragon*Con.  I’ve been posting tidbits on Facebook, but figured it was time to do the big update.  The big news:  I have a new cover for The Priestess, the Protector!!!!teaser1


You have to click through to see the new cover art.  No cheating!

One of the artists that I met at Dragon*Con was Matt Cowdery.   (Click the name to see his site in a new window.)   We went back and forth through a couple tweaks and adjustments to his original concept and he was simply a delight to work with.  Honestly, if anyone needs cover art, check out his work.  I will absolutely be having him do any future work I need.

I’ve just uploaded the final version of the new cover into CreateSpace.  Now I just wait for amazon to update everything.

Meanwhile, check out the amazing work Matt did for me!

Cover With Text - scaled

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