New Story Intro

Been working on my Sci-Fi story.  Here’s the opening.  A prelude to the first scene, so to speak  Thoughts?

Three years ago, I couldn’t modify the base code in a can opener. Three years ago, I thought I was clever stringing chips and circuits together. Hardware systems to provide security and protection. Hardware systems to bypass security and protection. I thought I had the skill to glide through life, avoiding the normal responsibilities that plagued everyone else.

I was an idiot.

I waited a few clock cycles for the download to finish. Today I wove software together the way an off-world synsilk trader wove tapestry. The rhyme and meter of a new personality matrix flowed through my mind and into the remote house bot undetected. As the matrix rebuilt itself on the droid, I moved on to the next. Poetry of personality, the new matrices thrummed to life.

These bots were special, now. Messengers. They belonged to someone that had backed out on me and almost cost me everything.

I moved on, reaching out into the grid. An older house bot responded. I’d known its owner once; worked for him, even. Now the bot had a much more important task to perform. He had a meeting to attend with a newscaster.

A newscaster that was about to receive an opportunity to make up for his past mistakes.