Book 2

colonyStill tentatively going with “Empire of Earth:  Breaking Free”.  I’m concerned that Star Citizen is using the name “United Empire of Earth”.  Too close?  Potential alternative would be some form of “Oppression of Benevolence” or “Benevolent Oppression” or some such thing.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some plot mind mapping.  Also, as a method of exploring characters, I’ve begun keeping a journal as my main character.  Two entries so far, dated a year before the start of the story.

Most of the characters from “Into the Grid” carry over.  I need to develop the rest of the cast.  Build some back story and do either some character interviews or journaling.

Open to thoughts on the series title still.  The “Oppression of Benevolence” probably requires reading “Into the Grid” to understand.  Basically, the political party that has taken control of the government is known as Benevolence.  A mega-corp by the same name works with the government to provide basic housing, medical, and financial support to everyone.  In exchange, any corps that dissolve or lose enough of their political standing to not be able to maintain their ‘shi’ (think state controlled by a corp) have all assets and territory transferred to Benevolence Corp under the auspices of the Government.  These assets and territories are then liquidated piecemeal to provide income to Benevolence Corp.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!