Countdown to NaNo, part 2


So a (optional) part of NaNoWriMo  is that you get to make a mock up of a book cover for the story you’re about the write.  So I did…

I actually like this quite a bit.  And it took me all of about 20 minutes to put together.

Anyway, I’ve got my outline done, and am now working on putting together my scene list.  Introduction to the First Plot Point is currently at eight scenes.  I may need to add another two or three scenes to keep it from feeling to frenetic, but I want to try to amp up the action in the first part of this book, as the others tend to start a bit slow.

So how about everyone else?  Who’s doing NaNo?  Have any of you done a cover art for your NaNo novel?  Drop a link in the comments so we can cross post and share!