The Map, Part Duex

Got wrapped up in the map again.  Made some progress, though.  I abandoned the tutorial for the most part and just kind of went off on my own.  I am reasonably happy with the geography.  The next step will be to feather the layers of the mountain elevation and add rivers and other bodies of water.

After that, I’ll start doing the political boundaries and cities.  Throw in some major roadways.

All of this has been done using the Gimp.  If anyone is interested in how I did it, let me know.  If I get enough people asking, then I will put together some YouTube videos or something.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I haven’t settled on anything yet.


4 thoughts on “The Map, Part Duex”

  1. Wow, awesome! 😀
    Lol, did you ever consider making a Heroes of Might and Magic III map of your world? It’s an in-game thing, but it has awesome possibilities 😀

  2. Never played Might and Magic. Played a lot of World of Warcraft at one time though! Made a few Starcraft maps back in the day too. :^)

    I’m afraid that it would turn into another project fighting for my attention. I am having fun with this though.

    Everything I’ve used so far has used free tools. I am thinking about making a youtube video to show how I made it. I want to make sure it comes out being non-sucky though.


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