Interview with a thief…

I am having WAY too much fun with the character interviews.  This little tidbit takes place after chapter 6.  There aren’t any real big spoilers in it, but I do reference stuff that happens in both chapters 5 and 6 so if you are reading and haven’t gotten that far, some of this may not make sense.  (actually,the ending references something in chapter 7, which hasn’t even been posted yet.  Not a huge thing though.)  On that note, let’s talk to Jerok.

I will be A, and Jerok will be J…

A: So, Jerok. Thanks for coming by to chat today.

J: Am I getting paid?

A: Umm, no.

J: Bye. [stands up]

A: Wait. Tell you what. You know that candle snuffer you swiped from the end table?

J: No. What are you talking about? Are you suggesting that I would –

A: Hush. I won’t write it back out of your pocket if you stay put and finish this interview.

J: … [stares at me, stares at the door, stares at me] … Fine.

A: Great! Now, where did I put my good pen? I swear it was right here a minute ago… Oh well, it’ll show up. I have my pencil. Let’s get started.

J: [smirk]

A: Let’s establish where we are. It’s the end of chapter 6. You’ve gone to bed for the evening. Let’s start with Mirian. General impressions?

J: Not sure. When I first saw her, I figured she’d be an easy mark. Maybe a night or two of fun, grab her stuff, and leave. Sort of a bonus for all my hard work in the village there. Then she turned out to be a priestess. So no fun, and nothing worth taking. But when she said she was going to the castle! How could I resist a chance like that?

A: So it had nothing to do with helping her out then?

J: Do I look like a sap? She’s a means to an end, that’s all. In the end, that’s all anyone is. I play them, or they play me.

A: So thieving and killing and pillaging is all good?

J: Woah, I never said that. Listen, there’s a big difference between taking something from someone that has more than they need, and killing someone. I don’t work as hard as others because I don’t have to. I get what I need with as little effort as I can. I’m efficient, that’s all.

A: Really? OK, so what about Llaewyn and Traunick?

J: Ugh. What the hell are they? An elf and a dwarf? Who ever even heard of that? I tell you what, though. They are just as pushy and self-righteous as any human preacher I ever had to deal with. “Past the mountains, idiot.” What a bastard. I don’t like them.

A: Both?

J: Well, the big one was nasty. I dunno about the little one. He seems a bit shifty.

A: He’s shifty?

J: OK, if your going to get insulting I’ll leave the snuffer here on the way out.

A: Fine, sorry. Let’s talk about Mirian some more. Llaewyn wants to take her off to the forest. What do you think of that?

J: Meh. Doesn’t matter to me. I only need her around to stay at the castle. Once she’s done with her thing, I’ll be on my way. She can go wherever she wants.

A: Her thing? What thing would that be?

J: Her healing thing.

A: What about that?

J: What about it? So she’s not a scam. [shrugs] It happens. Did you see that, though? It was pretty cool, actually. She was all glowing and blue and stuff. Then it ran down into him and she… she did… whatever she did. I tell you what, that would be handy.

A: Really?

J: Sure! You get on the wrong side of a fight or something, and bam! You just fix yourself up.

A: I noticed you helped her out when she kind of over did it.

J: Yeah, well I sort of had to, didn’t I? If she’d died, I’d have had to leave. There’d have been questions. Not the sort of thing I want to get wound up in.

A: That it? You step up to protect her from the other two, and then you’re there to save her when she needs you?

J: Listen, she’s cute and kind of funny and all that, but she’s a priestess. Not my thing. Not going to happen. So drop it.

A: If you say so…

J: I do. I think we’re done here.

A: That’s fine. You should probably wake up, I think I hear your girlfriend screaming.

J: [stands up and leans over the table, dagger in hand] She’s not my girlfriend! Understand? Don’t make me go back on what I said about killing earlier.

A: Maybe not, but she’s still screaming.

J: [looks at door. Glances back at me, then runs out]

A: [writing] He dropped the pen as he pushed the door open…


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  1. Lol, your characters are funny people 😀 I know how much fun you’re having with this, seeing as I’m doing the whole character thing, too, right now 😉

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