Wish me luck. I am off to spend four days hiking the Foothills Trail with my oldest son.  I will be off of the inter-webs for the whole four days.  I think that is the longest continuous time I have been offline in over ten years.  I’m not sure how I will fare.


Nonetheless, I have my kindle, as well as a notepad and pen in case inspiration strikes.  If I don’t get eaten by a bear, I will see you all when I get back!



3 thoughts on “Withdrawal”

  1. Why did I just think of the bear attack in A Ranger’s Tale? I remember one comment you had. Something like, “Why not have the bear chew on Galadin a bit? Nom, nom, nom.” 😉

    Hope you don’t get eaten. Or poison ivy. Or snake bite. Or anything else unpleasant. Come back soon!

  2. Have fun!
    Sometimes it’s good to get away from the net for a while 😉 Enjoy your time with nature. And may inspiration hit !

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