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I have been playing with a new piece of software:  yWriter5 is a free novel writing program that divides your story into chapters and scenes.  

I am really liking what this is letting me do.  I have just started, so I am still putting together the framework of the story.  Once I get that done, I will finish loading the text in.  After that, I can start doing the rewrites.  One of the goals is to rewrite the whole story in first person.  I have found that it is easier to do this if I stay with one POV character ( the story has two ) and work on scenes for that character only.  Having everything separated into scenes makes it simple to do this.

It also lets me track all the characters in the story, all the locations, items of interest, and all sorts of good stuff.

If anyone has any cool uses or suggestions on using yWriter5, I would love to hear them.  I am pretty excited about the tools in this package, given that I am a plotter instead of a pantser.


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  1. I looked at these tools when I first started writing. I don’t remember this one. So, it’s free. I would love to use something like this, but I have multiple laptops and need something web-based. Data is stored locally, right? No way around that?

  2. Technically it’s local, but Dropbox gets me around that!

    edit now that I’m on my computer instead of my phone: I use dropbox for the same reason, syncing across multiple computers. They even have an android app. I will send you an invite. If you sign up using my referral, we both get an extra 250MB storage space!


  3. It’s pretty cool. Since it’s free, it’s worth a download and spending a day trying it out to see if it will help.

    My problem right now is that I have a lot of data to load into it. I wish I had used it from the start. My next story will definitely be written in yWriter all the way through.


  4. I’m playing with dropbox. Installed it. Added files to it. It might work for what I need. Thanks for the referral! I never got an option to plug in your referral. I looked for it throughout the setup.
    My husband says dropbox gets hacked a lot (but he’s says that about every tool). But just a reminder not to put any personal information in it.

  5. Well, I’m less pantser and more plotter, although lately it feels more like plodder than plotter. :^)

    I like that it will generate scene cards that I can either print out or rearrange at will. Also, I think I am discovering some places where I am using the wrong POV.

    I’m still thinking it is going to be worth the time and effort to get everything punched into it though.


  6. Meh. LastPass generates all my passwords for me. They’re at least 12 character random strings of alpha-numeric + extended. I also endorse LastPass for password management.

    The referral code is embedded in the link, so it’s all good!


  7. Since you already have a first draft, I think that you’ll have a good outcome with it. Maybe it’ll help you see how the scenes fit together as a whole. I’m looking forward to your updates 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tip about using Dropbox. That will simplify my life a lot!

    If you’re a software-junkie, you’ll probably like AutoCrit as well. It’s my second-favorite tool for writers (after yWriter). For me, yWriter is for writing, AutoCrit is for editing. Couldn’t live without either of them!

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