On the scene…


I have been here for 3 hours so far.  I was one of the first on the scene.  Hearing people calling for help from a trapped car and seeing fire burning 20 feet away is not a good feeling.

I have discovered today that there are 3 types of people in these kind of situations:

Those that run over to help.
Those that get out and stand around watching.
And those that get out a cell phone camera.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Seriously.  People are dead.  Others are yelling for help.  Not what I would consider a Kodak moment.

There is currently a crane trying to lift one of the semi cabs out of the ditch.  I may post more about this later.

That’s all.  Not much of an ending to the post, but it is hard to be clever sometimes.


6 thoughts on “On the scene…”

  1. Heck! What a mess. Never mind the ending to the post, Andrew, there are times when cleverness just isn’t required. The facts can speak for themselves.

    I hope they’ve managed to free those folks who were trapped. That must be an awful feeling.

  2. This is horrible. I can’t imagine why someone would want to watch a video like this, let alone film it. I’ll never understand some people.

    I’m sending my prayers to all families and friends involved.

  3. The link destination has been updated with more information.

    The accident occurred at about 11:30-ish. At 3:30, they finally turned traffic around, so that everyone in the northbound lanes was sent south to the nearest ramp. We went past about 7:00 pm and all the stopped vehicles were gone (including the tractor-trailers, which surprised me that they got them turned around), but the road was still closed, and they were still doing clean-up.

    Two of the five involved survived. They were air-lifted to Greenville hospital about 30 miles away. One has already been released. If you look through the pictures on the newspaper website, and see where that SUV was located, I am still amazed that they survived, let alone being released with “minor injuries”.

    Prayers for the families. Thanks for reading.


  4. Wow… I never witnessed something like this head on. It must be awful. And boo to those stupid people filming this stuff!

  5. What a horrific thing to witness and even worse for those involved. I pray for comfort for their families. You never know how people will react to a certain situation until confronted with it. Some of the “filmers” might have thought they couldn’t do anything else. *shrug*

    I’ve been in a pretty bad car accident and it was pretty miraculous that we survived and were barely injured. It’s amazing how that can happen sometime.

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