A busy week

and it’s only Tuesday!

Monday I joined a new critique group.  I have no intention of leaving Critique Circle, but I found a real life group that gets together every other week.  Even cooler, they are (almost) all SF/F writers, so I fit right in.  Er, well…  Fit in as well as can be expected for me, anyway.

As I write this, chapter 1 is less than two and a half hours from going live in the public queue on CC.  The last time I had anything in the public queues was the end of October, 2010.  I am a bit nervous.  I only plan on running the first five chapters through (paranoia and credit hoarding.  It is costing me 12 credits per chapter right now).  There are a couple of people that I am really hoping will take a look, get hooked on the story, and be willing to join my private queue for the rest (cough – Ian – cough).

And lest we forget, Dragon*Con is only a few short days away.  A couple people from the live crit group are going in costume.  I’m hoping to see them there, though I would be shocked if I did, given the size and scope of the place.  Is anyone else going?

Life is a blast, and I’m having fun with it.


2 thoughts on “A busy week”

  1. Wow! A real life critique group would be kind of awesome. And scary, in a way. Yay for the public queues! You can do it! I’ve always wanted to go to some kind of -Con, but I don’t live near anywhere cool. Maybe some day, though…

  2. I am looking forward to the next meeting, when I can participate more. As for Dragon*Con, at this point it is the only thing getting me through this week. The day job had me seriously contemplating changing my name, staging my own death, and moving somewhere else. Like Australia. Just to get out of the project I am working on right now.

    Younger son is coming to D*C with me too. He is dressing up as a random Ravenclaw student from HP. I daresay he is nerdier than I am!


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