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LACG?  Hrmm.  Doesn’t flow as well as LARP-ing, but ah well.  Had my first “real” meeting with the local group last Monday.  I call it the first real meeting because the first, first meeting is where I show up and they make sure I’m not a story stealing robot or something.  This week I got to submit chapter 1 for critiquing.

It was fun!  There were two other stories submitted, and they were both on the third submission (give or take), so I was able to read the previous entries and get all caught up.  There were six in attendance, so I got some good feedback on my story.

I felt like I was cheating a bit since chapter 1 has been through Critique Circle about six or seven times by now.  Nonetheless, the dynamic that you get from a live group is so different than you get online.  Both as the writer and as the critter.  I found that I have to give more thought to some of the comments I make on other people’s stories as well, as I may be asked to give more detail.

For those that aren’t part of a local critique group, I would encourage you to find one.  I found this group on by chance, and am glad I did.

I almost forgot the best part:  They’re almost entirely SciFi / Fantasy writers.  It’s like it was meant to be!



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  1. Good that you have a group of sci-fi/fantasy writers to relate to. I can certainly imagine the dynamic being different – more opportunity for immediate exploration of issues raised. I expect personalities to come more to the fore, too, if the group isn’t well-regulated. Do you have anyone “in the chair” to keep things under control?

  2. There are definitely personalities in the group. That’s part of what makes it great. We do have an excellent group leader, and she keeps us on track if we start to wander away.


  3. :^(

    You know, as a librarian, you might be in a good position to start a group. You already have one of the best meeting places.

    We meet at a Panera Bread store. They have a section that is kind of tucked back in a corner that we use. It’s not a private room, just a quieter corner. It’s close to the Interstate, which makes it easier for those that drive an hour to get there. I’m lucky. It’s about a 15 minute drive from my house.


  4. Very cool. There is a group I found locally, but I missed the meeting in Sept because I had an online commitment. I’m hoping to attend in Oct. It’s Women Who Write and I actually submitted “An Eggcellent Proposal” to their annual short story contest. Won’t hear anything until November, but I’m excited to check out the group.

    Glad you had a good experience!

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