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The dialog in Chapter 5 came out horribly.  I was so busy trying to be clever that I completely failed at making it realistic.  The conversation wanders all over the place, nobody gets to the point, and a couple of key revelations don’t even get made.


Because of this, I decided it was time to sit down with Llaewyn and have a little heart to heart chat with him.  That is, as much as a human can have with a stuck up elf.


Warning:  If you are still waiting to read chapter 5 (but didn’t already read the first draft), you might want to wait.  Basically, if you don’t know who or what Llaewyn is, and want to find out the long way, skip the rest of this post.


Otherwise, read on for how it went.


I’ll be J.  Llaewyn will be L.


J: Hello, Llaewyn. Thanks for stopping by to chat.

L: I didn’t know I had a choice. What is it you need? I’m kind of busy.

J: Yes, I know. You can spare a minute or two though, I promise. Tell me, what is it you’re doing way out here in the human lands?

L: I am on a mission from the goddess. She sent me to find a priestess.

J: Any priestess? You’ve been here for what, two years now? You couldn’t find any in that amount of time?

L: (grimaces) No, not just any priestess. Priestess, healer, and follower of Aliyah. She casts much like I do, with blue energy. She’s shorter than I am, obviously. Apparently she is to be selected to go to the protector’s council in my place, so she must be a fairly powerful caster.

J: I bet that irritates you, doesn’t it?

L: It is what the goddess instructed.

J: That’s not what I asked.

L: I know.

J: So… what’s taking so long?

L: Have you met any of these humans? Priestesses, but followers of false gods. Healers, but they’re all frauds. Casters? Are you kidding me? I haven’t met one yet. Tricksters and illusionists, sure. But nobody with any real skill.

J: So what are you going to do?

L: What can I do? You know what I gave up to come on this mission. I will stay until She calls me back. All I can assume at this point is that she is testing my faith, or teaching me a lesson of some sort. When She decides I am finished, She will call me back.

J: What if you find your priestess?

L: (Laughs). Not likely. I could gather them all in one place, throw them all in a river, and their combined ability couldn’t sprout a leaf.

J: Throw them in a river?

L: Water! Goddess spare me, are you as thick as the rest of them? If I am to find a priestess that casts as I do, with blue energy, then obviously she will be drawing from the water element. You made the rules up, weren’t you paying attention?

J: I’m just trying to find out where your thoughts are.

L: My thoughts? I’m thinking I should have found someone else to write my story. Seriously, how did you get the job? I certainly wouldn’t have hired a human for this. I know a couple good scribes back home. When I get back, I’m going to see about getting someone to replace you.

J: Oh, hey. Look over there. She looks like a priestess, doesn’t she? She’s got a bright blue rope around her waist, too. Maybe you should go check.

5 thoughts on “Character interviews – Llaewyn”

  1. Oh! Don’t you just hate it when your characters start answering back? I think that’s why I keep all my character interviews firmly in the fictional world, so they don’t get sidetracked with meta discussions. Makes it tricky to interview someone I’ve killed off though. 🙁

    I think you’d like Jean Davis’s blog, she has characters scuttling around under her desk arguing amongst themselves and longing for the day she’ll write one of them back into her story.

  2. Psh. You think he got mouthy, you should see Jerok’s interview. The referenced info hasn’t happened yet. It actually comes out in what will be chapter 8 in this draft. Still, I think his personality comes through.

    I’ve spent my two hours tonight trying to use this to fix the dialog in chapter 5. It’s still a train wreck. The problem is that there’s info that has to come out, but I can’t make it happen naturally. Not without a huge sidetrack, anyway.

    I read some of Jean’s blog, specifically the victims-of-the-knife category. Hilarious stuff. Wish I’d have thought of that for here. I’d have a couple characters from this book already gathered at my feet. LOL


  3. The interview was really funny. Sorry to have caused it, because I’m the one who said the dialogue was all over the place. This interview will help you fix it because it gives you the info you need to shove in there or allude to. Don’t be afraid to add more words. Sometimes it’s needed to make things flow.
    I didn’t know half of the info there. I was awesome! Especially the elements part. I had no idea about that. So I’m looking forward to moving on with the story and reaching a part I haven’t read yet.

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