Too much information?

I noticed that Botanist over at Views From the Bald Patch has signed on for the April A-Z blog challenge.

I’m thinking about doing the same thing as a method to get me back into the swing of blogging.  In order to have anything to write about though, I would probably be going deeper into various characters in my story.  For example, A would be for Aliyah, and would detail some of the religious practices of the races, how her magic works between the different races and so forth.  The question is:  Would giving detailed levels of information like that spoil the story for those that are reading through it as I edit?

4 thoughts on “Too much information?”

  1. I definitely agree with the above. I plan to do short posts on various aspects of Shayla’s world but these will be world building, hopefully of interest to those who know the book, but unlikely to include any spoilers.

    P.S. Glad you noticed, and happy to have inspired you to give it a go!

  2. OK, well, I went and signed up. I have started a list of topics to blog about. I still have 6 blank slots to fill, but I’m good through ‘P’, and I still have a while to figure it out.

    Thanks for the encouragement! (And inspiration)


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