T is for Traunick

Hello again.  Today I will be telling you about one of my most faithful dwarves, Traunick.  I would have had him here himself, but he has a bit of an accent that you humans sometimes find hard to understand.  Instead, I will let him answer questions at the end.

Let’s continue, shall we?

Of all the dwarves that remain faithful, there is only one that I considered when it came time to find the human priestess.  He had his doubts when Prophetess Bofia told him that he was to travel to the forsaken lands, move among the humans, and find a specific priestess.  I don’t think he, nor the prophetess, believed that the humans possessed enough intelligence to worship and understand.  And yet he was willing to travel into the valley on faith alone.

He and Llaewyn departed immediately.  They had worked together before and felt destined to become protector and apprentice themselves.  Traunick was more willing to accept this new mission of faith than Llaewyn, but that is not for this story.

I needed them to leave the mountain before King Prindoch forced the believers into hiding.  Once they left, I had to wait until the messenger arrived at the temple with my amulet before I could send the priestess on her journey to meet them.  This created a bit of a dilemma for the two of them, as they needed to keep moving and searching, but I could not lead them to their destination.  Llaewyn began to have his doubts, but Traunick, bless him, never wavered.

But it has all worked out just as I planned.  Traunick’s love for animals has proven that he is the perfect choice for caring for the human as they return to Lothmurn, the dwarven capital.  He’s very protective, and fights furiously to protect both the priestess and her friend.

Soon they will return home.  It saddens me to know what must happen once they get there, but there is no avoiding it.  My followers are brave and strong, no matter the challenge that is placed before them.

That is all for today.  You have my blessing.


4 thoughts on “T is for Traunick”

  1. Traunick may be my favorite of all in this eclectic cast of characters 🙂 He’s such a likable dwarf!

    Sorry I haven’t caught up yet. You need any extra blog posts? No one took my Y, and not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet. Maybe Yggrich, the swampy land of ogres and trolls…

  2. This part made me giggle: “Traunick’s love for animals has proven that he is the perfect choice for caring for the human…” 😀

  3. Mysti: Traunick is a lot of fun, though writing the accent gets challenging sometimes. I’m still trying to figure out something for W, X, and Y. Good luck with your Y.

    Lindsey: I’m glad you caught that. I was hoping it wouldn’t get missed!


  4. Lindsey beat me to it! That line made me smile.

    It occurred to me that Mirian started off wishing the goddess would notice her, this is starting to sound like a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

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