V is for Virtues

Those that have read parts of The Priestess, the Protector know that Mirian is quick to quote scripture when she is able to use it to get her way.  This isn’t malicious or spitefully done, but it can get annoying to those around her.  Let’s take a look at the Five Holy Virtues of Aliyah.

When Aliyah returned to the humans and chose one to be the first prophet, she gave to him her holy teachings.  These became known as the Five Virtues.  (As a side note, he also wrote a book himself, Voice of the Goddess, which Mirian studied intently in one of my earlier drafts.  I can’t find it right now or I’d even have the first prophet’s name for you.  1,000 internet points if any of my early readers remembers what it was, because I don’t.)

Sorry, I get distracted easily sometimes.  The five virtues are Service, Humility, Courage, Purity, and Justice.  So far, Mirian has quoted from the first three.  As she does, I have been writing it down so that I can keep it straight.  There isn’t much there, but perhaps I will expand it out once my book starts selling a zillion copies and I start up a Mirian-more website.  HA!  For now, I have four verses of service, and on each of Humility and Courage.

Here is what we have so far:

Virtue of Service

Chapter 4

(17)Those that labor in my name shall be rewarded, and their blessings shall be great. (18)  Any who refuse their calling, so shall they be cast away from me.(19)For I shall repay loyalty with loyalty, rejection with rejection.(20) Follow my commands and be guided by my Virtues, and I will never leave you.

Virtue of Humility

Chapter 2

(12)  Turn not from the appointed times of worship, for those that forsake me so shall I forsake them.

Virtue of Courage

Chapter 2

(1) Do not fear, for I will place a hand of protection on those faithful to me.


I will be adding quotes from Justice during this draft, so there will be some expansion there.  I don’t know if purity will get a quote or not.  I can think of a good place for one though!

There you have it.  The Five Virtues of Aliyah.  Thanks for reading along.


2 thoughts on “V is for Virtues”

  1. This is so spooky! My “V” post is also about the religion in my story. I’m fond of slipping in quotes from my holy books too. 🙂

    The virtues have some parallels with the Pillars of Duty in my world, from one of the secondary books. I don’t think I ever list them in the story, but they are dutifully noted in my world notes: charity, humility, thanksgiving, compassion, and atonement.

  2. Awesome! Yeah, I don’t have them listed out in the story either. These is all from my own notes. In fact, Purity and Justice were added as I wrote this post to make a full set. Now that I have them though, I know just where Mirian can use them to whack someone over the head.


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