W is for Wildlife…

Strange and exotic creatures are a mainstay of any good fantasy story.  Sadly, this is an area I need to work harder on.

I even have a critique partner that told me she was disappointed with the lack of good fantasy critters.  I’ve already detailed the fluff-skitter, which is one of my first real attempts at fleshing out one of the creatures in Velyrum.  I have also mentioned in passing root-bats, as well as their larva, and a leaf serpent.  I don’t know what that one is either.  Finally, an unnamed creature that lives in the elven forest with hooked feet, allowing it to run on either the top or the bottom of branches and vines.

Beyond that, I guess I need work.  What are some of the exotic creatures you’ve created?


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  1. In my newest WIP, I created an unnamed alien creature who’s furry and round, has four feet, can cling to walls and ceilings, and chirps at you until you pay attention to it. It seems like coming up with names is the hardest part, though!

  2. Well, you already met the hoklok. I think that is the only invented critter I’ve worked into my stories so far. In fact, for a sci-fi writer (which is another genre usually teeming with outlandish life forms) I’m extremely light on these things, as my “X” post will describe.

  3. I don’t really have a ton of critters, either. Some of them (many you’ve heard of):

    Eleteens: Deer-sized elephants that chirp like birds.
    Flitters: Pixie-sized, flying carnivorous creatures that mesmerize their prey with hypnotic eyes before they devour it.
    Drakes: Miniature cousins of dragons that spit fire when they’re angry.
    Tygers: Large cats that can camouflage themselves to blend in with the environment.
    Snippets: Lemur-like primates that can talk if tamed.
    Star Serpents: Translucent reptilian beings that can only be seen on dark, starry nights. They soak up starlight until they sparkle.

    I’m sure others will emerge as I go. It’s fun to create new things. You’re doing great with it. I love the fluff-skitters.

  4. Lindsey: That’s awesome! That sounds really cool.
    Ian: I remember the Hoklok. -shudder-
    Mysti: I remember reading about the star serpents with envy!

    Thanks for stopping by, y’all.


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