X is for…

I can’t decide!  There are just so many options that I have for my X word.  Really, I’ve struggled to pick only one…

I mean really, how does a person choose only one X word.  Should I talk about the Xanadu that is the Ilyeamer forest where the elves live?  Or perhaps dive into the details of the Xanthic tinge of some of the powder and salves that Sarintha uses?

But then again, there is the Xenophobic fear that Mirian experiences when she meets Llaewyn and Traunick.  After all, it’s her first exposure to any of the other races.

Or, if I really want to stretch myself, I could mention the Xylem and phloem that Mirian makes use of the first time she is called on to use her magic to affect plant life.

No, the letter X simply has too many possibilities to try to choose just one.  That is the character of the 24th letter of the alphabet.  Or, in roman numerals, the XXIV letter.


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