Y is for Yearning.

(Alright.  I confess that I have struggled with coming up with a Y post.  It’s a day late, but this is what you get.)

Mirian has held a grudge against her sister for years.  When she discovers that her sister has been kidnapped, she has a change of heart, a yearning if you will, to reunite and try to make things better.

Motivation is something that I am trying to pay better attention to as I work through this round of edits.  One of my early critiquers would frequently ask why characters did something, or flat out tell me she didn’t believe that they would.  I’ve tried to take that advice to heart, and am even questioning the motives of secondary antagonists at this point.

Ultimately, everyone needs a reason to do the things that they do.  Further, I’ve heard it said and agree, everyone of the characters should believe that the story is about them.  In their mind, they are the center of the world.  They all need to be acting in their own self interest.  Whether that self interest is best served by helping someone else or stopping someone else will drive their actions, but nobody ever believes that they are a supporting character to someone else.

If you’re reading this even after being a day late, tell me what drives your characters.  What do they yearn for?  Revenge?  Love?  Acceptance by others in their lives?  Protecting a loved one even if it means sacrificing themselves?  Survival?

I think I answered the question for most of my readers, but if I missed someone, or I got it wrong, (or even if I guessed right,) drop a note below.

Thanks for playing along.  one more to go and wrap up this adventure.  See  you Monday!


2 thoughts on “Y is for Yearning.”

  1. Aah, yes, motivation. Evil for evil’s sake just doesn’t cut it these days. Credible motivation is so important.

    My characters are motivated by all sorts of thing: Revenge, power, desire to shape society after their own beliefs, devotion to traditions, the need to protect family. Opposing motivation is what drives conflict in stories.

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