I’m so excited…

Tomorrow we leave for Dragon*Con.  I can’t wait.  Hotel room is confirmed, kids have their costumes picked out and ready, tickets are all set, all that’s left is to go.

I’ve decided that I will blog from D*C (probably from the hotel at night) so that everyone that isn’t there can be jealous of me!  LOL.  Watch for pictures and stories of all the fun.

Four days of nerd-tastic fun.  What’s not to love?


3 thoughts on “I’m so excited…”

  1. Whoo-hoo! I’m excited with you. Though, I’m a little disgruntled about their weapons policy. Seriously, what kind of nerd-tastic warrior are you, if you can’t don your swords and daggers amidst the fire-breathing creatures as they emerge from hell?

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