Turning point

Some of you will know what I’m talking about, others will not.

Editing and rewriting has been ongoing on the novel.  Along with improving the general quality of the writing, I’ve been changing it from 3rd person to 1st person point of view.  Also, I’ve changed Mirian’s motivation in the story from rescuing the prophet / father figure to rescuing her sister.

In terms of the first draft, I am at the start of chapter 22 (of 26).  This corresponds to chapter 33 in the second draft.  So far, so good.  So what’s the turning point?

Chapter 22 is the start of the war between the elves and the trolls / orcs.  The biggest problems with the first draft involved troop movements, character placement, etc.  today I drew a map and plotted out, over the course of 11 slides, how the two armies engage and move throughout the battle.

The first thing I noticed is that the way I envisioned it in the first draft was completely wrong.  If they lined up on opposite sides of the river, the orcs would just walk up the river bank to the forest and set it on fire.  The end.

So I changed the deployment locations.  I made the elves a bit stronger (they do have home field advantage, after all).  I located key characters and where they are throughout.  It’s much better.

So why is this a turning point?  Because other than high level plot movement, nothing that I’ve written is usable.  The turning point is that from here on out, everything is freshly written.

Good news though:  I expect about 5 more chapters and I’m done.  Yay, me!  Maybe I can crank it out in time to write my sci-fi thing for NaNo!  (Kidding.  Mostly.  I have it about 60% plotted out already though.)

So that’s it.  Editing is definitely slowing even more as I truly rewrite the ending of my story.


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