Blog Name Again

Picked one out.  Yay!  If you didn’t catch it, look up and to the right.  There it is!

I was going to try to incorporate the fact the my stories are fantasy themed, but if you google fantasy, it goes in a completely different direction than what I was looking for.  :O

But Quill and Feather works for me.  So let’s see…

  • Final proof should arrive tomorrow
  • Book has been added to Goodreads
  • Pinterest board created
  • Blog page in development to be ready for release day
  • Twitter account dusted off
  • Blog named and dusted off

Now all I need are some readers!  I will be contacting people over the next few days to try to arrange some promotion.  If anyone wants to volunteer their blog space and some suggestions, I’d be thrilled.  I’m new at this whole promotion thing and it still feels really weird.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m getting excited/nervous/worried/excited as the day draws nigh.


3 thoughts on “Blog Name Again”

  1. New header image… CHECK!

    Hmm, now you have me thinking about doing character interviews again as part of the promo.

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