SciFi Fantasy Saturday

So I joined a blog hop / ring of SciFi and fantasy writers.  Every Saturday they post a snippet of work.  Toward that end, here is my first contribution.  You can find the center of the ring here.

Here is a snippet from the recently released “The Priestess, the Protector”:

I stepped up to the altar and glanced into the blood-spattered bowl. Only a few fresh drops. With that small of a sacrifice, it was no wonder the others weren’t better healers. High Priest Vaktril’s brown eyes brooded at me from across the altar. “Priestess,” he grumbled his acknowledgement.

Beside him, Prophet Neijen, his face solemn, held out a small knife. Without changing his expression, he winked. A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. Vaktril’s lips vanished as he pressed them together. The crowd of villagers and temple workers shifted in their seats behind me, creating a constant murmur of creaking wood and muttering voices.

7 thoughts on “SciFi Fantasy Saturday”

  1. I’m with TK. Great description putting the reader there. The wink caught my attention and I’m wondering what comes next. Great way to build interest. And welcome. 🙂

  2. Hi Everyone! Thanks for dropping by!

    This is actually the first 10 lines of Chapter 1, so I’m glad everyone liked it. There will definitely be more next week.


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