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So here is the next segment of Chapter 1.  I adjusted the first sentence a bit to sneak in at ten sentences, but it is mostly straight from the book.  Hope you like it!  As always, the center of the ring can be found here.

I reached across the altar, accepted the knife, and held the blade in the flame of the Candle of Purity, letting it lick around the steel. With the knife purified, I rested the tip against the palm of my right hand. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. A pinpoint of heat radiated from where the tip of the blade rested on my palm. My stomach danced with exhilaration. A surge of energy coursed through me, the Goddess blessing me. Incense filled my nose. My pulse raced. My grip tightened. I took a deep breath.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to go snippet cruising this evening. Can anyone guess what comes next?

  2. Great pacing! I enjoyed how the sentences shortened at the end and built up the pending action. Looking forward to see where this is going. Well done.

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