SFFSat Part Three

Saturday is rapidly approaching, which means I need to get my SFFSat on!  When last we saw our young priestess, Mirian had gotten the knife from the high priest, purified it, and was holding the tip against the palm of her hand.  Let’s see where this goes from here.  For more awesome stories, look here!


I plunged the knife through my hand. Pain seared up my arm and through my body. My breath caught. My heart stuttered. The blade nicked a bone, then sliced through a tendon. My index finger curled in against the handle. Half my hand went numb and cold as the blade severed the nerve. Blood slid down the steel protruding from the back of my palm, clinging to the tip before forming drops. Each one dripped into the bowl with a sticky splat.


There you go!  Blood spilled and sacrifice made.  If you like what you see, the book is available on amazon via the My Book! tab above.  See you next week!

9 thoughts on “SFFSat Part Three”

  1. Some great, gory but great, details here that really show the pain associated and that it’s part of a ritual and self-inflicted – makes me wonder why someone would do this. I betting you’ll let us in on that too.

  2. Ouch, indeed! Very visceral description. I get the sense, though, she’s done this before, which makes me wonder about healing magic.

    Hope the sacrifice is worth what comes from it!

  3. Well, I certainly think she’s proven the strength of her desire for whatever she’s magicking. Now hopefully she’ll get the result she’s looking for. Wait, never mind! This is fiction. Nobody ever gets the result they’re looking for!

  4. Thanks everyone! Yeah, she’s pretty “dedicated” to her task. And she knows it, too.

    I may skip ahead a bit after the next one, but we’ll see…

  5. Whoa, that’s intense. No slice of the hand here, but a deep, painful and possibly crippling stab wound. I can only assume such severity is needed? This rite, or ceremony, is asking for a lot. I hope in the end it is worth it.

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