SFFSat Part 4

Another week, another 10 sentences.  I’m really enjoying these postings, both sharing my story and seeing what others are posting.  Really glad I stumbled across the Sci Fi & Fantasy Saturday blog.  Remember, The Priestess, the Protector is available on Amazon or via the My Book link above!

Without further ado, here is the snippet for the week!

Last week, we left our young priestess, Mirian, with a knife jammed through her hand.  Carrying forward:


Exhaling, I recited the prayer of sacrifice. “May this blood offering replace the suffering of others this week. May Aliyah bless me with the power to remove the infirmities of those in need.”

I basked in the warmth of Aliyah’s energy coursing through me. My entire arm throbbed in tune with my heartbeat, but I pushed the pain from my mind. I strained, listening.  It had to be today. I’d studied and prayed every day for months so I could perform the purification ritual this morning. Aliyah would speak to me, I just knew it. My hand burned as I waited.

10 thoughts on “SFFSat Part 4”

  1. Damn, that’s terrifying. Months of praying for one moment that isn’t guaranteed, that relies on what I can only imagine is a deity’s interference. Come on, Aliyah. Do not let Mirian down.

  2. Okay, it would really suck if she doesn’t speak at this point–burning hand and all.

    Great tension, and I MUST know what happens next.

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