World Building: Trading

So I’m trying to do some world building on my new story.  I’m working on the “international trade”  part currently.  I have developed a list of items that can be considered “exports”.  Here’s where y’all come in:  Look over the list and tell me what I might be missing.  The world has dwarves in the mountains, elves in the forests, nomadic trolls living in a desert, and human kingdoms wrapped around a large sea, open to the ocean on one end.  Let me know what you think.

Here’s the list:

 Need to establish who has what based on geography, though some will be obvious.

  • Gemstones
  • Glow stones
    • Mined gems that absorb light during the day and release it at night.  Used in wealthy homes and shops.  As they are cycled they gradually lose the ability to hold light, requiring replacement.
  • Building stones
  • Lumber
  • tar/goo
  • Sand to mix with tar/goo for sealant
  • Smokeable plants (like tobacco)
  • addictive drugs
  • slaves
  • exotic animals
  • semi-intelligent “pets”
    • Similar to slaves, but considered less objectionable by some, since they aren’t as sentient
  • Food source animals
    • northern humans graze the animals on plains during the warm season and then drive them back for slaughter
  • Shipping and transport (especially through dangerous waterways)
  • riding animals (like horses)
  • various metals for weapons and armor
  • exotic fabrics (like silk)
  • spices
  • “Sweet water” from a spring
    • Some sort of healing properties or other short-term benefits

OK, your turn.  Add to the list!

2 thoughts on “World Building: Trading”

  1. Cool! Definitely like the alcohol. I forgot to mention that this is a fantasy setting again, so no plastic.

    Rendered fat for fuel works, too.

    Thanks for the input! Definitely trying to do a lot more world building on this story, since I want to span a couple books.


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