Cover Art Daydreams

OK, so I spent some time daydreaming about the cover of the next book. Since 100% of the respondents preferred The Wyven Chronicles: Blood Bound, I will most likely go with that.

Now I’m thinking cover art.  Tell me what you think.  Background is a castle in a city surrounded by mist.  Foreground is a guy on the left side of the cover, you only see his right side from about mid thigh to shoulder.  His right arm is hanging down wearing a leather bracer, and blood is coming out from underneath, across the back of his hand, and dripping off his fingertips.  He doesn’t seem to be noticing.

Interesting?  Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Cover Art Daydreams”

  1. It has been pointed out that facebook respondents liked Blood Bound at the top, with “The Wyven Chronicles” at the bottom of the cover. So we are not at 100% after all.

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