B is for Backstory

Let’s talk about back story, shall we?

What is back story?  Back story is all that amazing, wonderful stuff that you thought up that happens to your characters before the story your telling.  It’s your characters childhood.  It’s the trauma they suffered before the reader meets them.  It’s the relationship with their parents.  All the things that make them who they are when they walk on stage.

Here’s the catch:  Back story doesn’t belong in the story.  Not directly anyway.  This is probably the hardest part.  You spend all those hours dreaming up and recording all these details of their lives, and then you don’t get to put them in the story.

That’s how it needs to be though.  Back story does nothing but slow down the *real* story.  The story of now.  The story you’re really telling.

Besides.  There are ways to cheat.  Start a blog.  Post the stories on your blog as extra content.  I’ve got a bunch of it here for The Priestess, the Protector.  Feel free to browse, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


One thought on “B is for Backstory”

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried writing more than a pen-pal letter or a post about my life, but I know when I did, backstory was the hardest part to deal with! I always wanted to include it within the story when it was wasn’t needed. Great post!

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