C is for Character Building

This goes hand in hand with yesterday’s post about backstory.

Why are your characters the way they are?  Why do they have the friends or enemies that they do?  Who hurt them, who helped them, and who ignored them?

These are the questions that backstory answers.  This is who the character is.  I’m going to throw a link in to an older post right here.  Go read it, and then come back.

Bofia and Prindoch are two characters in The Priestess, the Protector.  Prindoch has outlawed religious worship and used every resource within his power to eradicate the goddess’s followers.  The public story is that he was never granted the magical gift to manipulate stone.  That is all the reader of the book gets for a reason.

As the writer though, it didn’t feel like enough.  This was a personal hatred that Prindoch had.  I needed to establish a gut level, reflexive desire to destroy anything to do with the goddess.  Thus, this bit of back story, this piece of character building, came to be.

I feel it was a success.  What do you think?


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