The Priestess, the Protector

Cover With Text - scaledMirian is a dedicated healer with only one regret: The fight that drove a wedge between her and her older sister. After years of separation, she is given an opportunity to find Sarintha and mend their relationship. Fate has a different plan, however.

After arriving in the city, Mirian finds herself caught up in events leading to a war between races the humans never knew existed. Worse, she’s expected to turn the tide of the battle despite being unable to use the magical pendant she inherited.

Jerok lives a carefree life, liberating food and money as he makes his way from place to place. When he finds a naive healer alone in the woods, he thinks she’s his ticket to an easy con job and financial rewards. As he and Mirian travel together though, his ideas of what he wants begin to change.

Despite the chaos, Mirian remains determined to find her sister, but can she do it in time? And will Jerok find what he’s been searching for?

The Priestess, the Protector is a coming of age story set in a unique fantasy world. It’s the perfect story for middle grade and young adult readers.

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