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Young Jerok goes hunting…

Jerok crouched behind the bushes, mouth open so his breathing made no sound. The warm air in the forest felt thick with moisture. He shifted the knife he held to his left hand so he could wipe the sweat from his palm. Switching it back, he opened and closed his fingers several times, perfecting his grip. Turning his head to the left, he looked up at his father.

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Further character information

So I have lots of background information on my characters, much of which will never see any time in the story.  I am thinking of writing little “scene-lets” and posting them.  Stuff that may be a bit pointless, but gives more info about the characters.  First idea:  Jerok out hunting with his father as a child.

Reactions?  Would this be good?  Or do you feel like it would give away things that you shouldn’t know about them while reading the story?


Musical Inspiration

Do you use music to set your mood?  What style?  Genre?  Does it change?

I drive about 45 minutes each way for work.  This gives me my ‘alone time’ where I work out plot issues, write dialog (in my head, obviously.  I don’t take notes at 75 mph) and figure out what my characters are doing.  My musical selection varies greatly depending on what part of the story I am working on.

For example:  While I was characterizing Jerok; working out chapter 3, some of his actions in the castle, etc. I played Queen’s “I Want It All” almost on an endless loop.  The idea of titling chapters with song lyrics came from doing this, since I felt that song personified who Jerok is at the start of the book.  “Adventure seeker, on an empty street.  Just an alley creeper, light on his feet.”  Tell me that isn’t chapter 3!

Fight scenes are something completely different.  My goto song for plotting out battle scenes is “The Four Horsemen” by Metallica.  The power, movement, and instrumentation in that song is inspiring.  I am particularly fond of the bridge at about 2:30.  Great stuff.  I am a bit broader here though, in that I also pick up two songs by Dokken:  “Mr. Scary”, and “Dream Warriors”.

General characterization and plot calls for something completely different.  When I need inside Mirian’s mind, or pretty much anyone that isn’t Jerok, I have a folder set aside with a couple of Sonatas by JS Bach, Piano Duets as well as ‘Sonata in D’ for two pianos.  Again, movement and mood are perfect for delving into the twists and turns of a characters mind.

So, I turn it back to the reader for whom I still wait.  So far my hit count is still at 0 but someone is bound to have a miskey issue any day now.  If you do, and are reading this, what music inspires your muse?  Or do you find it more of a distraction than a help?


And continues…

I have learned from past experience that creating a blog is easy.  It takes about an evening (apparently), and you are published on the ‘inter-webs’ for all the world to see (or, that is, the approximately 29% of the world’s population with internet access to see.  But I digress).

No, the hard part is maintenance.  The ongoing struggle to come up with something worth saying on a regular basis.  My problem is that what I have to say usually doesn’t make it through my “would anyone else care” filter.  Consequently, they languish and die.  In an effort to forestall that conclusion, I wanted to make sure that I got back here and posted something to keep the ball rolling.  I have no illusions that I will be making daily posts, but I didn’t want to leave it looking empty and alone.

So I hereby promise you, my little blog, that I will feed you and care for you regularly.  Preparing you against that fateful day long in coming when someone, somewhere, types in the wrong address and lands here instead.  And perhaps they will pause, lingering over the content of this page.  Gently reading, perusing the wandering thoughts of one author of questionable sanity and unquestionable oddness.

And perhaps they will be momentarily entertained.


It begins…

A brand new blog.  A clean slate to fill with thoughts and plans.  Ideas, hopes and dreams adding to the collective consciousness that is the “inter-webs”.

Or, random and pointless rambling expanding the cacophony of drivel.  Either way works.

I have had blogs before, most notably when I had a short lived blog here on WordPress to discuss my World of Warcraft gaming.  With luck and better tending, this one will flourish where that one did not.

The realist in me says that this post will be one of those that is read by someone 6 to 12 months from now, rather than anytime soon.  Because of that, I will say to that person (or persons, if there are two of them), Welcome to my blog.  This is as far back as the posts go, so you are now completely caught up.  Please do me the favor of commenting on this post, and simply record the date and time that you read it.  I think it will be amusing to see how far from now (5:00 pm on December 6, 2010 Eastern Standard US Time) comments will be added.  And I enjoy being amused.

So, until that day many months from now that someone stumbles across this post, it sits.  Waiting patiently to be discovered.  Best of luck, and hope to see you soon.